We exist to receive and impart the love of the Father and His blessing as a revived generation and restored family that raises each other up. Standing unified by the DNA of Christ, we will reform the culture we live in as we are led by the Holy Spirit to establish the Kingdom of heaven on earth. From the city, to the region, to the nations, we are [Re]Generation!

ReGeneration is a multifaceted ministry based on family and geared towards high school, young adults, marrieds and young professionals. It is designed so that each life stage has direct access and influence with the others.

When do we meet?

August – December
2nd + 4th Sundays
5pm – 8pm

January – July
2nd + 4th Fridays
6pm – 9pm

Childcare is provided!

For more information contact :

Pastor Jeremy and Lauren Haines


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We have a strong sense of community with parishioners.