Our Team

Also known as deacons from the Greek word diákonos, our leadership team embodies the true meaning of that term by serving, ministering, stewarding and sending forth the message of Good News. They are considered Mamas and Papas in the house and oversee specific areas of the church as they build up and pour into their supporting teams! When they speak, they carry the heartbeat of the Father, Rock City Church and Pastor David & Amber.

Alex Diaz

Head Usher

Doug & Mary Fecht

Elders, Prayer & Intercession

Fabian Villarreal


Marlene Villarreal

Associate Pastor, Flourish : Women in Ministry

Jeremy Haines

Associate Pastor, Valiant | Media

Lauren Haines

Team Leader, LIT Director | Creative Media

Connie Simpson

Team Leader, Restoration of Identity


Team Leader, First Responders


Team Leader, Men's Ministry


Team Leader, Benevolence

Melody Jacobo

Team Leader | PreSch & Nursery, RocKids Children's Ministry

Nathan Hardin

Team Leader, Worship